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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Fun filled Weekend

Recently very busy with my other activities...

Saturday went to join my friend's gathering at Marina Barrage.

Sunday, went to Auntie Irene's house for an early birthday celebration for Oink Oink.


Those present... Auntie Irene, Margaret, Joanne, Oink Oink with 2 sons and maid, Jez, Xueli, Mabel,
小凤 and me.

Understood from Auntie Irene that Michelle had prepared 3 dishes but due to some emergency; her mother hospitalized; so she was not able to join us... Hereby wishing her mother,


Food Prepared by Auntie Irene & Margaret

Although May was not Present, Food that she Prepared

Food Prepared by Joanne

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Back... Hehehe...

Finally, after missing out so many weeks due to other commitments, went to Auntie Irene's house on Sunday. Nicole, Michelle, 小凤 and Margaret were there.




Thanks Auntie Irene for sharing and guiding!!!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Another weekend

After 2 weeks of absence at Auntie Irene's place, attended 小凤's Advance Birthday Celebration on Saturday.
Happy Birthday 小凤!!!

The wide spread of yummy food prepared by Auntie Irene, Michelle and Joanne

Sunday morning went for the Amway's Nitrilite Walk at Singapore Expo till afternoon, met up with a friend and reached Auntie Irene's place in the evening...

Surprised to see only Auntie Irene and Margaret around. Nicole and 小凤 went back early. They were busy baking the German Bread... Stollen. Kekekeke. At least now I got a chance to know how it taste like... :D

German Bread - Stollen

This Christmas Rich Fruit Cake was prepared earlier by Nicole and Auntie Irene.

Christmas is approaching...

Thanks Auntie Irene and Margaret for sharing!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

凡事不要只看表面 - a very touching story


次,兩人出海,返航時,颶風將小艇摧毀,幸虧女友抓住了一塊木板才保住了兩人的性命。女友問男友:你怕嗎?男友從懷中掏出一把水果刀,說:怕,但有鯊魚來,我就用這個對付它。 女友只是搖頭苦笑。

不久,一艘貨輪發現了他們,正當他們欣喜若狂時,一群鯊魚出現了! 女友大叫:'我們一起用力游,會沒事的!男友卻突然用力將女友推進海裡,*扒著木板朝貨輪了,並喊道:這次我先試! 女友驚呆了,望著男友的背影,感到非常絕望。鯊魚正在靠近,可對女友不感興趣而徑直向男友游去! 男友被鯊魚兇猛地撕咬著,他發瘋似地衝著女友喊道:我愛你!女友獲救了,甲板上的人都在默哀…………

船長坐到女友身邊說:小姐,他是我見過最勇敢的人。我們為他祈禱! 不,他是個膽小鬼。女友冷冷地說。您怎麼這樣說呢?剛才我一直用望遠鏡觀察你們,我清楚地看到他把你推開後用刀子割破了自己的手腕。鯊魚對血腥味很敏感,如果他不這樣做來爭取時間,恐怕你永遠不會出現在這艘船上.....

凡事不要只看表面 因為有許多事情不是和我們所想像的一樣 不要因為看表面而誤解了對方在放棄對方之前請先冷靜點,把事情搞清楚再做打算 否則可能會因為你的一時之氣而讓對方從此不再出現.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yet Another Birthday Celebration

Last weekend, Auntie Irene's house under maintenance, so there was no post... :D

Last week Baked by Nicole - Biscotti

Last week Baked by Margaret - 咖啡酥

Yesterday, was Echo's birthday, Auntie Irene organised a mini gathering for her. As it was a last minute decision due her off day was confirmed, not many attended.

It was her first time to celebrate her birthday.

Ds was early to help Auntie Irene to prepare the food as Nicole went to JB to celebrate her grandmother's birthday. Attendance includes, Auntie Irene with 5 dishes, May with 3 dishes, Michelle with 3 dishes, Joanne with 1 dish, Ds, Margaret, Oink Oink with 2 child and maid, 小凤 and Quan, Echo with her colleague and me.

Wide Spread of food on Echo's Birthday Gathering

One of my Favorite Dish which I gave a miss due my hands problem

Today, we only managed to bake Gugelhopf and Madeleines.



Thanks Auntie Irene for her guidance and coaching!!! :D

Monday, October 05, 2009

Weekend of Bread n more Bread

Saturday was Moon Cake Festival. 相信你们和家人都度过了个很愉快的中秋节吧!!! :D

After attending the YCiS Net activty at NTUC Centre, went to Auntie Irene's house... Only to find out they (Auntie Irene, Margaret and 小凤, Nicole went for reunion in KL with BF) were baking Bread... and more Bread.

Sunday, we baked even more Bread... Handmade (will be taught in Love 972 FM, so stay tuned) and Machine made.

THanks Auntie Irene for sharing and Guidance!!! :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009

甜丝丝 and 圆润润的月饼周末

Last weekend was so 甜丝丝 and 圆润润!!! Auntie Irene had reserved the 2 days for us (Margaret, Nicole and me) to mass produce our Mooncakes.

We started off with the Traditional Mooncake - 单黄白莲蓉月饼 on Saturday, while Eileen, Sally Foo and Xueli were there to learn the 燕菜榴莲月饼.



Today, we mass produced all the Snow Skin Mooncakes (冰皮月饼). Nicole made colourful
白莲蓉冰皮月饼, while Margaret and I made 榴莲冰皮月饼, with the help of Auntie Irene and 小凤, we managed to complete the production early, if not... :(

Thank you Auntie Irene and 小凤 for your help!!! :D

Colourful 白莲蓉冰皮月饼


Since 小凤 was very interested in baking bread, Auntie Irene bought some pumpkins to teach her 金瓜面包, our long missed bread.



Thanks Auntie Irene for her sharing, guidance and assistance!!!